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Entry #2

Someone tell me why Doodle Devil is in Top 50, let alone Top 10?

2010-11-28 21:26:52 by TrewGames

Doodle Devil is one of the shittiest games in history, if you look past the graphics, the gameplay is soo weak, its something you give to 8 year olds the first time they use the computer for games.

Ive been playing better games than this from the first time I got a computer. Whats good?

Someone show me what i'm missing that has made this in the top charts on iTunes, Newgrounds, and other sites. This game, if it were my say, would be about a 2.25.


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2010-11-28 23:43:27

I think its because doodle kinda sounds like doodoo as in poopie as in shit. so its kinda funny and you cant help but give it a few points for that.

TrewGames responds:

Lol yes.


2011-03-25 13:00:51

crysis 2 =/= requiem for a dream
Also newgrounds has a massive population ; expect low-level mass intellect.

TrewGames responds:

Good point :)


2011-05-02 20:54:31